Cover of the lesbian fiction ebook Linguist Blues by Patricia PennLinguist Blues

Bad enough that Simone had to pretty much flee to Boston when the German demon community didn’t understand her master thesis. When she scores a date with a beautiful woman upon arriving in the land of endless possibilities, she should have known that yet another demon secret service would have had a hand in that, eagerly waiting to ruin more of her life.

Same ‘verse as A Gift of Words, but considerably more bananas, the Linguist Blues is an example of a kind of story that I’m sorry to say is my number one staple these days – exasperated first person narrator undergoing plot while rolling her eyes at the sky and asking how this is her life. (see also: Paula Gets A Pony Ranch under general fiction) Though the Linguist Blues also goes back a long, long way to a self-insert prompt I once took in a fandom challenge. So you could say there’s no character more like me than Simone. Poor woman.

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