Patricia’s Lesbian Fiction

Come on in! Here be lesfic – the real kind, for queer women, where all the fingernails are short and all the labrys blades are sharp. Here be fantasy, romance, and stories were things go boom, by a writer who very much likes the unexpected and very much dislikes the kitsch. There are e-books to download for free, and there are web novels, that is: serial fiction on the blog. Pick something to read. Get comfortable. Have fun.

Lesfic for all

Us dykes, we’ve got this representation problem. We barely appear on TV or in books, especially without dying, and so we suffer from a lack of fan fiction and femmeslash, too. And let’s not even get started on how there are plenty of places in the world where it isn’t even possible to just stroll into an LGBTQ bookstore and browse. So let’s rectify that. Have some queer fiction.

Queer Web Serials

We’ve already got web comics and web video serials, so where’s the web novels? Outside of fandom, those are rare. So let’s do the thing! You’ll find updates of new chapters at the blog page, while an overview of all works in progress can be found under Web Novels.

How About ‘Em Free Lesbian Fic E-Books now?

Whatever’s too short for a serial, and not currently bound by an anthology contract, can be found in the shape of an e-book or a PDF. Usually – though not always – there are gonna be lesbian characters in those whether they are romantic or not. The digital library for your perusal:

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