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What’s general fiction? It’s a mean term. It’s everything that isn’t romance, so it ranges from the suspenseful or gory to the so-called contemporary fiction. Since Patricia prides herself of here versatility as a writer, she’ll take a crack at any of those. But most of them are still about lesbians, so the lines may blur. At least one of the stories listed below has sex in it.

Paula Gets A Pony Ranch

Successful business executive Paula would be best described as a bitch who gets shit done. That might be the reason why her estranged aunt left her a bankrupt horse ranch in her will. Now Paula has to visit the ranch – through Christmas, no less – to make a decision about whether she should shut it down. Unfortunately, the staff seem determined to keep something from her. Somewhere between a snow storm, a lesbian horse trainer, and a pony in foal while nobody else is around, Paula soon finds herself in way over her head. 

What’s with all the Christmas stories on this website, you may ask? Well, I do contribute to the annual holiday anthology by Ylva Publishing regularly, though admittedly, that still leaves at least one Christmas story on this website unaccounted for. So, I don’t even know. I’m not even really into Christmas; it gives me cavities – which probably is what makes the challenge so irresistible every time.

Either way, since this is my most recent anthology contribution, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to buy the book to read the fic. My hands are tied; I signed a contract. You can find Language of Love in the Ylva ebook store, or otherwise, also in print, on your country’s Amazon.

Buy Language of Love at Ylva’s!

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Doctor’s Call

A recent divorce and the constant work with dying patients has Dr. Fiona Porter heading straight for a burnout. When she takes over tending to a young cancer patient through Christmas, she decides that she will at least save this one – the patient’s own wishes be damned.

Doctor’s Call was originally my first time contribution to a holiday anthology by Ylva Publishing, called Unwrap These Presents. It must be said that it stuck out like a sore thumb, as the story is saturated with that kind of grim realism that keeps reminding you that happy endings belong into fairy tales. The good endings, at least, well, you’ve got to work hard for those, and it’ll suck pretty hard until you get there. Though, of course, sticking out had been my devilish plan to begin with! Still this story is for people who know that all lives aren’t sweet like candy, and have an according idea of what makes an uplifting story. Some people find it too depressing, though. If you’re one of those, skip this one.

If you want more lesfic by more authors, check out the entire anthology, which you can find either at the Ylva Publishing ebook store or, both in print and as an ebook, on your country’s Amazon. Alas, my contract has run out and so I can also offer you this story for free.

Coming soon.

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The Strangest Time To Change Your Ways

Professor Dr. Meave has it all – a big career, a great many political connections, and a lot of women. Unfortunately she now also has a lot of problems, as an old rival has stolen all her dirty secrets, planning to release them at the Christmas party of the Massachusetts Governor – that is, today.

I’m hesitant to tell you that I wrote this story as a Christmas present for a girlfriend once; you might end up expecting something sweetly romantic. As you might or might not be aware, though, I put this in the general fiction section, despite the fact that the good Dr. Meave even sees some action in this story. She’s a bit too preoccupied by the threat to her career to focus on the lovin’, though. Which pretty much sums up her life.

Coming soon.

(Afraid of triggers? Click here for trigger intel)

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