Squicks and Triggers Glossary

If there are things that trigger you, or just squick the hell out of you, you might want to have a look at this page before you proceed with the story. However, mind that you might get spoiled.

I do not warn for queer sex because sex is wonderful and nothing to be warned about. But given the nature of this website, I would warn for sexual encounters between characters of different genders if ever that should happen in one of my stories. 

Voilà, by alphabet:


  • depictions of a man’s rape attempt on a woman
  • depictions of psychological torture
  • good guys getting humiliated
  • black and white do not exist, ethical dilemmas
  • the bad guys make racist and misogynist statements

Doctor’s Call

  • prominently featured cancer patient (multiple myeloma) on her way to a risky bone marrow transplant; the outcome isn’t part of the story but it doesn’t look good
  • depictions of burnout depression
  • this is set after a (lesbian) divorce; the protagonist doesn’t handle it well, so some cringe-worthiness there
  • discussions of parental neglect (plenty), physical and psychological child abuse (in passing)
  • discussion of a little kid who died in a car accident because the driver smoked pot
  • overall glum atmosphere
  • no traditional happy ending

Gift of Words

  • closeted lesbians
  • being queer in 1994 Boston, mentions of homophobic laws in other states at that time

Linguist Blues

  • the protagonist mentions in an aside that she eats human children


  • non-consensual administration of a love potion ^^
  • some “mild” depictions of physical torture and slavery in a humorous context

Paula Gets A Pony Ranch

Can’t find anything here. Depictions of a horse birth? Threats of financial ruin? …oh! Mourning. Mourning a dead aunt.

The Strangest Time To Change Your Ways

  • mild sexual D/s play
  • growing up in poverty, discussions of class differences
  • discussion of American politics (pre-Trump, though)

The Temple Treasure

Nothing comes to mind.