Princess Nova has had enough. She will defy her parents. She will conquer the throne, replace this heinous dictatorship with a democracy… or, well, at least a constitutional monarchy. Maybe. She will bring peace and happiness to the land, and she will do so tonight. Because her mom will be distracted by a great new play and a sweet new slave.

Unfortunately, it seems like all her allies have something more important going on today. Plus, it looks like it’s about to rain.

On the great Archive of Our Own, I would probably tag this story as “crack taken seriously.” Which is the best crack, if you ask me. I’ve always had a love for classical fantasy, as well as for Terry Pratchett, and I do believe both of those show strongly in this one. I originally wrote it fifteen years ago to entertain some friends, though I have updated it since, cleaned it up a bit, and – for that matter – translated it into this language.

As this is a series that I will publish on my blog, you will soon find a list of links to all chapters here.

Coming Soon.

(Afraid of triggers? Click here for trigger intel)