The Temple Treasure

Since Rhi has no special talents or skills whatsoever, she is the perfect choice for a scapegoat when the Forest Rebels attack her home. So while the rest of her family run for safety, she ends up a prisoner. In the rain. Trying to fool a bunch of criminals into thinking that she is the famous Oracle of Byrn. Suffice to say she’s had better days.

Ahh yes, this story. I’m always quick to change a story that doesn’t work for the audience, but I’ve always had trouble pinpointing what’s wrong with this one, other than knowing that there is something. One reader told me it takes too abrupt a turn from funny to serious, which I get, sort of, thing is just that I don’t mind it myself. My publisher suggested that what’s lacking is a romance. (“Between who?” I asked, confused. – “Between Rhi and the rebel leader,” she replied, as if it were obvious. – “The rebel leader has rotten teeth,” I said. I bet she slashes Severus Snape, too.) Anyway, all that just means that this story is uniquely qualified to serve as free content for you, my dear readers. Can’t sell it, gotta give it as a gift instead – obviously. I hope it works for y’all.

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