A Gift of Words 

The community of the Boston demon clans does not have words for what Hekate Lorca and her clan leader Cal do with each other whenever they meet up alone. Everything changes, however, when they stumble upon a human Christmas fair and observe two kissing women.

Sexual discovery stories are super out, did you notice that? I haven’t seen one around for ages – I guess there used to be so many that the “Shit, am I gay?” thing just got old. And God knows the majority of reviews I ever got for this story started with, “Ugh, not again”… though I’m happy to report they tend to end on, “…that was surprisingly good.” Anyway, when I wrote this story, I had fun setting it in 1994, a time when that trope – and that issue – was still very, very real and personal for queers more often than not. Long story short, this is set in the same ‘verse as Linguist Blues, although it does not share the other story’s cracky touch. It’s also a prequel to a novel that’ll get written, one day, dammit. Just not, well. Not now.

It should also be mentioned that A Gift of Words was first published in the holiday anthology Do You Feel What I Feel by Ylva Publishing, a charity project to donate money for homeless LGBT youths. So if you’d rather read lesfic by multiple authors, go there. And if you want to do a good thing by spending a little bit of money, definitely go there.

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