The Temple Treasure

Cover of Lesfic story The Temple Treasure by Patricia Penn

Since Rhi has no special talents or skills whatsoever, she is the perfect choice for a scapegoat when the Forest Rebels attack her home. So while the rest of her family run for safety, she ends up a prisoner. In the rain. Trying to fool a bunch of criminals into thinking that she is the famous Oracle of Byrn. Suffice to say that she’s had better days.

(also I really dig this cover, isn’t she great?)

The Temple Treasure

Fantasy, General Fiction, Short Story, 16 pages
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How did you like it? 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Temple Treasure”

  1. First of all: I love how grumpy Rhi looks on the cover. She’s really had better days 🙂
    Second of all: I liked this a lot! Khan provided lots of humor (she did remind me of your MAI Dorcas, which probably increased the chuckling yet a bit more 🙂 ), and I had to wonder whether the Radiant was a real Oracle at all or just really clever – considering that he just wanted to know what happens next, whereas the real Oracle of Byrn already knew.
    And I have a soft spot for endings like this. Is this a standalone or do we get to find out what Rhi does next?
    Greetings and hugs.

    1. Ahahah, yesss, the cover is precious, isn’t it? I saw it on a picture site, knew immediately that it would be perfect for this story. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fantasy protag looking that grumpy.

      This sadly is a standalone, because I wouldn’t know where to go with it. The whole story was built on Alimdar and Khan, really. I wanted to have the two of them face off, and Rhi came into existence to make that happen. Annoyed first person narrators are kind of a staple of mine, I’m afraid. If in doubt, I do that. ^^

      Thank you again for the great comment; you remain the best. <3

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